Formula mOney

Marussia joins Caterham, Force India, and Sauber in the “give us money and we’ll let you drive” stakes.  Today they announced their separation from Timo Glock and all of the media comment infers, as do Marussia themselves, to the fact that the team need a moneyed driver.

It might be a welcome return to the good old days when only Gentlemen went racing.  Back in the early days it was all about the thrill and the passion, but only those who could afford it did it.  There was none of this “cream rising to the top” stuff it was all about fun, partying, showboating and status.

A welcome return indeed, were it not for one small problem; none of these moneyed drivers seem to be Gentlemen per se, rather they seem to be [I hardly dare say it] Corporate.  Brand. Walking advertising hoardings who may have a modicum of talent but whose backers have wodges of new money.

I always find old money far more fascinating which is why, when Max got caught with his pants down, my love of the sport took a considerable spanking.

The Berni years may have made this Formula mOney but I’ll be damned if that entitles them to join my club in the city.  Nothing I hate more than loud and crude conversation in the library when I’m reading my journal


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